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So yes, there is a planet called Slacktopia and yes, I am its queen.

Ack! This poor blog.

In defense of Blog Slackerliness, may I say that it was an unusually frenetic semester, followed by an X-mas break spent frenetically trying to catch up on the spillover left over from unusually frenetic semester, now spilling over into the crackingly electric frenetic start of another frenetic semester.

My new book, On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year, is out, and SIU Press did a beautiful, amazing job. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been in the process of streamlining and reconfiguring and rearranging my life a little. A lot of nesting, and careful focusing in to make things more simple/clear, on the one hand, but also, simultaneously a more expansive moving outwards to grow, learn, challenge myself.

I think I’m instinctively preparing myself for The Next Thing. I have no idea what that means. I’m okay with that. In part, I think this has something to do with feeling my way toward/into new creative projects, but that’s only part of Next Thing-ness, I suspect. I don’t conceptualize Next Thing-ness as linear, or progressive, either, and not even necessarily external. I think it’s just a different shape of Thing-itude.

This is, let’s be very clear, a worthless, waste-of-space blog post about nothing. In fact, this entire post should undoubtedly be embracketed with cautionary HTML [crap] CRAP [/crap] brackets. But I promised myself that I could just go ahead and post as much crap as I wanted while I figured out how to renegotiate a relationship with this space.

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