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LaPrele Park, By My Parents’ House, On the Way to Thayer Elementary School

Antelope on East Side of LaPrele Park (Note the characteristic heart-shaped bum!)

Close-Up of Antelope

Spring Creek, Facing Eastward, in LaPrele Park

Spring Creek, Opposite Direction

Huck Finn Pond, LaPrele Park

Oddfellows and Where the Old Drugstore (Center Pharmacy) Used to Be

Old Insurance Building (University of Wyoming Football Stadium in Background)

The Old Bandshell in Washington Park

Stretch of Road and Field Behind My Parents’ House Leading Out to the Highway

Electricity Station Behind My Parent’s House

More Electricity (Now try saying it all Twin Peaks-y/David Lynch-y – “Eleccctrrriciteeeeeeeeee!”)

Laramie Water Tower = Old Timey High School Make-Out Spot

Water Tower, With Antelope

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The Rotary Dial Phone Has a Bandage (or is it a Diaper?) Made of Masking Tape!

A Mysterious Collection of Plastic Caps Atop the Arthritic Refrigerator which Makes Strange Noises and Which, My Parents Keep Pointing Out with Weird Glee, is Older Than I Am!

Note on the Cupboards by the Stove


Dining Room

Living Room

My Old Bedroom, Which Has Since Been INVADED by Hoarding Geriatric Aliens, and Which I am FORBIDDEN to Enter – FYI: Am Going Straight to Hell for Posting this on the Internets

More of Artichoke Heart as a Wee Thistle

View from the Back Porch (I used to spy on our neighbors with my pirate’s telescope – the guy in this house liked to walk around at night in his underwear!)

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First it rained, then it hailed, then the electricity went out for about ten hours, and then there were tornadoes. Finally, it snowed.

From Top of Train Bridge – Downtown to West Laramie, in Approaching Storm

By Popular Request, Images from Prexy’s Pasture – University of Wyoming Campus

Spring Creek, La Prele Park – Down the Street from My Parents’ House

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Storm Over Railroad Bridge, Laramie, Wyoming

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in Laramie, Wyoming, while I wait out this overly dramatic thunderstorm rolling in over the Snowy Range.

Lincoln Monument – Outside Laramie

Classroom Building – University of Wyoming Campus

Mosaics inside Classroom Building – University of Wyoming Campus

Be True to Your School?

Images from Happy Jack Road Between Laramie and Cheyenne

Nanking Cherry Trees in Bloom in My Parents’ Backyard

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