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Winter’s all-nighter a terrifying 2:30 a.m. joyride to the airport in lazy champagne bubbles of fizzing snow, your dashboard reading twenty-three below.

I-29 punctuated with stalled-out cars and trucks — blinking hazards a festive spritz of twinkly lights, glowing emergency roadside triangles, the light-show rave and swoop of ambulance beams gyrating on a backdrop of white, snow-banked shoulders.

So many metal beasts with stopped hearts, waiting for defibrillation.

Your turn-signal blinkers too frozen to blink. Your engine softly coughs.

Your toes turn to a painful glitter of icy sparkling nubs.

Your breath circling from your mouth in such a hyperbole of cascading swirls and plumes that you swear you’re exhaling out your own ghost.

(Out with the old / in with the new)

And you’re almost glad of it — this exhalation, this scourge — even though you fear it will leave behind only a frozen carapace that, when thawed, will shatter like glass under hot water.

What you welcome, though, is the aperture: a dazzling, scoured space to welcome light.

3:30 a.m. airport’s fluorescent glaze, ribbony rat maze to the TSA checkpoint, back-scatter x-ray scan, and security pat-down seems surreal after being spit out of the frozen, cavernous black.

When you land in MSP there’s a hubbub in the terminal: a dalmatian puppy! Everyone wants to stop and smile and pet this warm and polka-dotted and newly-wagging life.

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the holland tunnel
a long shiny paper towel tube
(if paper towel tubes
were like the insides of abalone)
streaked by a graffiti
of red headlights
i tried to cut my bangs
with cuticle scissors
in front of the mirror
at hotel 17
which is never a good idea
but i had a sudden
and terrible desire
for them to be somehow
more kathleen hanna-esque
i bought hello kitty ugly dolls
and the infinite wait
at forbidden planet, plus
tons of bendis and ellis
it’s sad to wake up at home
alone in a hungover fog
of jetlag and ativan and pokemon
i can hear the cats busily licking
condensation from the shower curtain
in the next room, hello?

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Butch Cassidy’s Territorial Prison Mug Shot

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I remember I used to beg my dad to take me through the Agriculture Building when he picked me up from the University Lab School I attended — it was on the way to the parking lot where he sometimes parked — because I loved, loved, loved to look at the insect mounts in the hallways. Now there’s a nice little museum.

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LaPrele Park, By My Parents’ House, On the Way to Thayer Elementary School

Antelope on East Side of LaPrele Park (Note the characteristic heart-shaped bum!)

Close-Up of Antelope

Spring Creek, Facing Eastward, in LaPrele Park

Spring Creek, Opposite Direction

Huck Finn Pond, LaPrele Park

Oddfellows and Where the Old Drugstore (Center Pharmacy) Used to Be

Old Insurance Building (University of Wyoming Football Stadium in Background)

The Old Bandshell in Washington Park

Stretch of Road and Field Behind My Parents’ House Leading Out to the Highway

Electricity Station Behind My Parent’s House

More Electricity (Now try saying it all Twin Peaks-y/David Lynch-y – “Eleccctrrriciteeeeeeeeee!”)

Laramie Water Tower = Old Timey High School Make-Out Spot

Water Tower, With Antelope

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